Possible scam site

Hi, Has anyone got experience with …deleted… >> w w w . p a s s 4 s u r e . c o m type it your self, we don’t want to get on search engines.

This site does not look genuine. It has a lot of odd things about it that make it look very suspect. If someone can confrim that its a genuine site, I will put the post back. I would expect a site like this to have a company behind it, but there is no company, or even a physical address. Support is offered by chat and IM. Most importatnly the “link” to PayPal and Verisign are just graphics, with no actual links.

PS if anyone wants to hunt deeper on this PM me to discuss. If this is a real site, then I applogize in advance.

Well after about 7 or 8 identical spam style posts (which have now been deleted), I am now going to assume that the site is a Chinese version of the Nigerian 419 style scam site.