Possible Problem with a US Clients Nav 4.0 Licence

Hi Forum, I have just started looking after a US Client and I think there might be a problem with their Licence for version 4.0 SP2. For some strange reason they cannot see Deposits in Cash Management, Customer Order Status in Sales & Marketing and cannot access 1099 Codes either from the menu or via the Vendor Card, everything else such as US Sales Tax is fine.

Its fine if I use the Developers Licence. So my question is, are Deposits, Customer Order Status and 1099 seperate granules, I have looked on the licence configurator but dont see them. Thanks…Paul

1099’s were a separate granule, though I thought they were now part of vendors.

Deposits changed table numbers somewhere between 3.60 and 4.00

Order status not sure.

My guess is that if they had these granules in an earlier version, then maybe the license was not upgraded correctly.

Hi David, thanks for that. The licence looks fine to me although I have had alot of problems with the licence not being cut correctly especially with upgrades (my worst experiance was when I upgraded a client from Navigator 3.55 to 3.70). You talk about Deposits changing table numbers, are US specific tables/forms etc always in the 101** range.???. Paul

take a look at this thread:


Thanks David, that thread of yours says it all and Thomas’s entry makes it even more clear to my simple mind. I will get the Licence checked/amended. Thanks for your input on this one, very much appreaciated.