Possible bug with units of measurement entry form AX 2012

On the form where you create new units of measurement I have encountered an error where you enter the new unit, click to create another net unit and the description of the previous unit disappears. Then if you click onto the unit you have previously created you will be unable to leave this part of the form until you have deleted this unit as it repeatadly throws an error stating you must select a language (which is not an option on the form).

I was able to trigger this consistently by using a hyphen in the description. It seems like the form does not validate the description entry which can cause the entry into the translation table to fail and causing an error to be thrown when you try to access that unit again as it cannot find a the translation record relating to it.

Has anyone else had this problem?


Cannot reproduce the described bug. Can you please record the steps with more details?



Ah don’t worry about this. A few weeks after I posted this the bug stopped occuring, I believe because of a change to our langauge settings.