Positive Reservation Entry Not Found Error

We’ve come across this error and know why it occurs, but feel there may be a larger bug at work, and we’re looking for some input. The scenario we’ve used to replicate the error is by creating a purchased item with a purchased unit of measure different from the base unit of measure (base = feet, purchased = meters, conversion = 3.28081). Rounding percision of the item is set to 0.01. Add item to a prod. BOM for a qty of 1.5 ft. Run MRP for the Parent and child items (create demand for the parent). If you look at table 337 there should be matching reservation entries for the purchased item. Carry out action messages and look at table 337 again. The system has created a stray reservation entry due to the conversion factor. This will become an issue when trying to finish the prod. order or delete the prod. order. The best solution that we could come up with is to change how Navision rounds, which would require very intensive development and testing. Any other ideas would be appreciated. Rob