Positive field in VAT Amount Line table (290)

Hi, We recently upgraded one of our clients from GB2.01B to GB3.70A. One of the functionality differences between the two versions that they are not keen on is the fact that if you have an invoice with G/L Account lines that have the same VAT Posting Group combination but one of the lines is negative, then a VAT Amount Specification is printed at the bottom of the invoice. In 2.01, this only happened if the VAT Product Posting Group combination was different one one of the lines. The client would like this changed back to the way it used to work. Looking into the differences in the two versions, it seems that the VAT Amount Line table has been significantly re-worked specifically to display negative lines with the same VAT. A new field “Positive” has been added and added to the primary key, and code has been added to the Insert Line function to set this field if the amount is positive. I am confident enough to make the changes to reverse this functionality, if the client really wants it, but I would just like to satisfy in my own mind what the MBS’s rationale for putting this feature in. Is it purely a cosmetic improvement, or is it now a mandatory requirement in the UK for the VAT on negative lines to appear in an additional specification (In which case I do not want to take it out)? I have tried partnersource and the ‘ChangesInNAV3.60.doc’ document on the CD (The change was introduced in 3.60), but without any luck. The online help in 3.60 does not list this field for the table and in 3.70 I just get a message that there is no online help available for internally used tables and fields. Many thanks in advance. [:D]