Positive Consumption Line

Running Sql, NAV 5.1. Using Item Tracking & MFG. Component precision rounding is set ot .00001. When posting consumption of an item tracked component a positive ILE entry is being created for zero quantity that remains open. This only happens when an inbound entry is being totally consumed. If you try to filter on the zero you see that this line is actually a decimal quantity that goes out to 7,8,9 decimals. A lot number is associated with this ILE but no expiration date (which is causing error messages when you try using in consumption or cycle count adjustments). Are there rounding settings for item quantities (other than precision rounding) that need to be set? Has anyone experienced this? Any suggestion?

Have a look at the unit-amount rounding precision and decimal places in the G/L Setup (you will need to CTRL+F8 or look at the table), unless you mean those in your reference to “precision rounding”. There would seem to be a misalignment in the consumption and supply that is leaving items unreconcilled, so first question would be have any customisations been done to production or inventory that would impact. Secondly go back to your partner, if they can replicate it on a stand alone copy they can report it with replication steps to Microsoft, or at least search the current database to see if a code fix already exists for it.