Position of set of Textbox's in RTC Report


I’m building a RTC Report wich the body consists in sales lines and one line with totals and VAT that must be written at the very end of report’s body.

In order to do this, I’ve created a list containing a table for the sales lines and a set of textboxes for the totals and VAT.

Problem is, I want to write the totals at the end of the report body, I’ve been searching around for a workout and the only thing near that i found was this and it doesnt work as intended, because lines are dynamic, a report can have 2 sales lines or 20 and in case it had 20 lines the totals jumped somewhere in the middle of the next page.

I’ve attempted to make a table instead of a set of textboxes, but it was way messy because it printed too much repeating lines, but still the position was not as intended.

Is there any way to point out the position where those lines must be written no matter how many lines the report got?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Pedro,

Not quite sure what you are requesting but based upon the link, I assume it’s that you want the total to be written and the very end of the last page. As you link says then the old classic reports had the a PlaceInBottom function. But this sadly doesn’t work in RDLC reports.

The only “work around” that I know if is using a footer section and “copy” the data to the footer section using SetData and GetData similar to how you assign data to the header of e.g. the sales invoice. The problem using the footer section is that it will print on every page. So you need to make sure that it only print the data on the last page (if that’s what you need).

Hello Erik,

Yep, you got the idea, I assumed that earlier today and I’ll work on that.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: