Position hierarchy and workflow

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to know if there was a way for one individual to report to two different individuals in the position hierarchy. The reason for this question is that we are currently using the position hierarchy to drive workflow for the purchase requisitions. We want to drive who the requisition gets approved by based on a project manager field that we added. Currently only one person creates the requisitions. I’m not seeing a way to split how the document gets routed if we continue to use the position hierarchy without completely revamping the way that these documents get processed. Has anyone else run into a similar issue? Does anyone know of another approach that may help? Thank you in advance.


I think you should write each step of workflow for the purchase requisitions. what are the differences that they made in the purchase requisitions? Where is the field that you’ve added?

Hey Carlos,

Why did you have to do some custom work here? You can route approvals to the project manager by default, I think.


Was there something the standard functionality was missing? I’d be curious to know, because I had planned the use of this functionality at one point and would like to know if it doesn’t work.

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The addition was to bring the project manager onto the purchase requisition for tracking purposes since we aren’t currently using the project management and accounting functionality currently. I don’t think it was needed but we have and the request has now been made to change the workflow to now include the customized field. The logic would be something like if PM is in this group the approver would be Director 1 if in the other group Director 2. We were using the position hierarchy for this departments workflow but the new workflow requirement wouldn’t allow for the position hierarchy to be used. So I think Stanislavsn is correct that we would need to rework the whole workflow and write each step in the purchase requistion workflow.