Posing error

Can someone throw some light on this error. I tried to delete line by line and got an error on every line.

Dimension Code product must not be mentioned…?

5852.10-31-2012 3-32-14 PM.png

Check your dimension setup. That error trips when the dimension’s “Value Posting” is set to “No Code”.

I am looking at Financial management, setup, dimensions but i do not see value posting…

I am using 2009 SP1

Run it through the debugger. It’ll stop where you get the error message and that should give you a pretty good idea what needs to be done

Cancel the Line Dimension with PRODUCT , on Job Journal line 120000. (Button : Line > Dimension )

One of the Default Dimension (on G/L or Item or Cust / Vend …etc) has been set PRODUCT to No Code on Value Posting.

Exactly what Babrown and Rics mentioned! I just couldn’t find the correct spot

On table 27, Default Dimension the value posting was set to no code for the product dimension…