Port numbers

How many port numbers taking in axapta2009?

is any restrictions to take the port number(means fixed number of ports)?


Every AOS instance must take a unique port number. the default is 2712. for each additional AOS instance installed on the same server, the port is incremented by 1, i.e. 2713, 2714…etc. its very important however not to use the same port number for more than one AOS, otherwise only one instance will start.

you might find additional info. about this on MSDN or partner source.

Hi Loal,

As you said is write.my question is how many port numbers it taken means (2712 to how many numbers) ?


AOS port numbers are essentially TCP/IP port numbers. TCP/IP port numbers have a range from 1024 to 49151. So in theory, you should be able to use port numbers from this range.

thanks alot