Populate posting date based on expected date field at purchase order list

Hi, I would like to populate posting date based on expected receipt date field at purchase order list. I have this code

VALIDATE(“Posting Date”, “Expected receipt Date”);

on the posting date field at the purchase header, but it won’t auto populate in the purchase order list. Please help. Any advice will be appreciated.

when do you need this?

at the time of creation of purchase header or after changing the “Expected Receipt Date”?

Hi Mohana,

it is after changing the “Expected Receipt Date” date…

There’s probably some code in the Posting Date field’s OnValidate event that sets it to another value. You need to debug this to see what happens.

This code should be written under “Expected receipt Date” OnValidate trigger.

VALIDATE(“Posting Date”, “Expected receipt Date”);

Is it under right triggeR?

I think before writing any code, you might first want to figure out why it is not working in the first place. AFTER you figure out what is going on and why it’s not ding what you want it to do, THEN you make a plan how to address that situation.

Thanks Mohana! I got it to work!.