Point of Sale for Navision?

Any Point of Sale (Retail) application(s) available for integration with Navision?


Also check out Infostore ( http://www.infostore.is )which is a POS solution offered from a company called Strengur. Note that Landsteinar just bought Stengur, but their products are different! -john

We’re using Navision 2.60 and we’re Interfaced with the Winshop Solution from ASInfor … We’ve currently 18 Shops Interfaced with Winshop. http://www.asinfor.com

Elypsis has developed an interface between MS-RMS and Navision 3.60. www.elypsis.com


Recommend talking to Strengur, they have good market penetration and a product suited to standard retail operations (shops etc) but not so good for hospitality. Only ‘issue’ with this product is replication - you need a broadband solution for WAN. Microsoft also have their own(?) POS product - check out their site - this is another bought in solution - alledgedly widely used in the US of A. I understand that thenavisionpeople.com are resellers of landsteinar/strengur product but with a extensive experience. Best of luck.

I also suggest talking to Landsteinar Strengur hf. - they have now two solutions, but they are preparing on joint release as I have understood. And they also have a distributor in USA also. I have worked with both products and if you are using Navision - then that’s the way to in my humble opinion. Replication as mentioned above is an issue, but they have a new replicator (server) for that - that seems to do the job. Tõnu

Landsteinar is a good product works very good and outstanding functionality in replication Uses Transaction server concepts to see always live transactions and Data Director to send and received data, They are extremely fast enough for Retail Operation.