PO Statistics vs Info in a Page

Hello guru,

I updated my client from NAV2103R2 to NAV2016 North America.

In purchase order the VAT is different in Statistics and in the Page itself. Also, VAT updates in statistics if you Drill down in No. of Tax Lines.

It comes only when I have amounts which must be rounded.

For example I have Base Amount 327.36 and two taxes 5% and 7%.

If you calculate it:



But it has different rounding in the PO page and in the Statistics page.

I found the difference in code. In Statistics Page it also calls Code Unit 398 Function GetSummarizedSalesTaxTable

From my point of view it a bug. Any thoughts?

I haven’t found any hotfixes for that.

Only ‘When you change the VAT amount in the purchase invoice statistic line, the VAT amount in the statistics header does not change unless the page is closed and reopened.’

but that’s not my case.


I got an update for you, guys.

I found one more problem in here: if you place some negative amounts (like my customer, who receives some discounts from vendor in this manner) with different dimensions as well as positive - it could cause you different totals in the Statistics if you use different row sequence. Also the Vendor Ledger Entry can be different from totals in statistics.

I introduced this bug to Microsoft, they’ll likely to fix it, but I’m not sure if difference in Statistics and Totals in the page will be as well.