PO Schema error

I’ve been trying to use the schemas I got with the example BizTalk project shippedalong with the Commerce Gateway

the problem is that the at the end of the schema there is this sequence “Any” which contains this node that has no type

whenever I generate and instance from the schema using biztalk I fail validating this instance with the schema !!!

so I am unable to use this schema inside BizTalk projects

my questions are:

1- could anybody overcome this issue with the schema ?

2- is there a way to generate the schemas from Navision ? because we will be modifying the PO for exmaple by adding or removing fields so it does not make any sence to modify the schema manually !!!

I am using Nav 4 and BizTalk 2006

thanx in advance

you can use XMLPort 8000 – Purchase Order but you must create codeuint to export the schema from XMLport after that use this schema in Biztalk

thank you very much

I guess I’ll do that, but how can I install the new schema at the Commerce Gateway ??? this is what driving me nuts !!!

After you create xml file you can convert this file to xsd after that save the file

then take copy and put it in CG schema

to create xsd file … open new schema and import the xml file in the menu you will find XML from this icon you can create schema