Po Requisition - Managerial hierarchy auto approve

Hi , how do you automatically approve a PR where the president should approve using Managerial hierarchy?
thanks you

Interesting scenario, to send PR to the president and then approve it automatically.

In PR workflow, in Approve purchase requisitions element Properties, on Automatic actions section, you can select Enable automatic actions. Then on the bottom of the screen select ‘Approve’ in Auto complete action field. You can also add rules for the automatic approval in Automatic action condition section on the same screen.

From Approve purchase requisitions element, navigate Level down to the workflow element steps. Select a step and open the Properties. In Assignment section you can choose ‘Hierarchy’ on Assignment type tab. Then on Hierarchy selection tab you can specify ‘Managerial hierarchy’ in Hierarchy type field. You probably want to select ‘Assign only to last user retrieved’ option on Hierarchy options tab.