PO/PR Workflow setup

Hi all,

I want to use Positional Hierarchy when setting up a PO/PR workflow however i am wondering how I can make sure that the person who submit the PR/PO does not approve its own PO??? So the goal is to route the PO/PR to another person at the same level than the submitter


If you use position hierarchy, there wont be a situation that “the same guys who requested can approve”. It will be routed to the requester’s manager.

In my opinion, if your goal is to route it to the different users in the same level, you can’t use position hierarchy here. Please give us an example to understand this better.

Hi Santosh, Thanks for help me with this.

This is the example: I need to setup workflows depending on each department where each person in his department has its manager and each person has its approval amount. Each user (independently of approval limit) needs to enter Requisitions and cannot approve his/her own requisitions.

My intention is to : 1. Setup default signing limit rules with Jobs and Approval amounts; 2. Setup positions with jobs, department and "Reports To position " information. Now my question: How can I setup the PR workflow with all that information to make sure that the PR is submitted and approved by the right person??



This can be achieved.

Go through the below links to understand how you can use the signing limits in your workflow using “Managerial hierarchy”



Thanks Santosh. I saw the link and it was helpful to set up my workflow BUT how can i integrate several departments in that?