PO Posting Invoice

When invoices was changed status is : Received, after that I post into invoics status then errors show:

Purchase order: PO-001501

Item number: PC-0689

Insufficient inventory transactions with status picked

Operation canceled

So that, I can not post this PO into invoice, who is have experience please instruct me anh how to solves this problem.

Thank you very much


May be the packing slip is locked by axapta due to axapta down or sudden closure of axapta client. Use the below query to find out the lines based on the packing slip and delete them. Later, invoice the packing slip.


  • from [PURCHPARMSUBLINE] where documentid in (select packingslipid from vendpackingslipjour

You can disable the picking requirments from the item’s Inventory model group , however if you want the picking to be mandatory then i think the issue is with registering the picking list as not all the quantities are being updates or if you any associated output orders related check the inventory inquiries on the salesline level for this.

GD Luck !

The net quantity of the purchase invoice must be negative - this means you are creating a credit, it is the only real explanation for the presentation of the picking list restriction. Ziad is correct that unchecking this would resolve your issue, but you need to understand it first. Why is it asking for picked lines when you are processing a purchase invoice?

Hi Ziad,

The main cause that is PO changed status =Received, and have 2 lines in Purchase order line, one is positive, one is negotive ( was make credit note).
The PO then correct process, but it depend on ITEM ID that we need to posting, I think that have problem with quantity of this item on hand and quantity on PO.

Hi Ziad,

I fixed it, thank you very much.