PO Packing Slip Cancellation

There are 100 items in a PO and only five items has to be received but we have mistakenly processed a to received it all.

What would be the best solution to cancel the other items not yet received against that PO. The PO is not yet invoiced at its status is “received”.


Set the receive now to -95 and update delivery note.

Thanks Adam for prompt reply,

What I have is 100 line item and only 5 lines has to be received.

On this case, I just need to make a negative quantity for each line?

Yes you need to set the negative quantities in the 95 lines. If you have used them however you cannot do this (but of course you cannot use something you do not have [:D])

thanks adam but can u let me know where and how i could set the negative quantities?

It was already told. Go the Quantity tab in the purchase order lines - put the negative quantity in receive now and post the packing slip by changing quanity parameter to → Receive Now.

I cannot put negative quantity on the purchase order line, and the packing slip button is disable since all items already been received.

Yes - the packing slip will be disabled after receiving all the materials (when PO is in Received status).

But when you put the negative quantity in Receive now field the Packing Slip will be enabled.(Go the Quantity Tab in purchase order lines put negative quantity in Receive now field)…

Whenever I change the sign on the purchase order line an info log shows “QUANTITY MAY NOT CHANGE SIGN”, is there a parameter need to change?


What field are you setting to negative, is this Receive now field?


Hi Brain

See the picture


As displayed standard functionality allows a negative receipt, so if yours does not it is a localisation or modification.