PO Over-receipt

Many component products we receive (such as cardboard shipping boxes) are shipped in runs. Often, this results in physically receiving more that what’s on the PO. Most of us know that Navision doesn’t like this. Nor does our buying staff like to adjust PO’s several times a day… Anyone have a simple work around? I was thinking about creating a receipt tolerance by inventory or product posting group that would allow the receiving dept the ability to actually change the qty ordered on the PO receive screen (we have AD) within that tolerance. This idea kind of scares me a little… :wink: Any comments or suggestions? Thanks.

Hello, I am afraid there is no simple work-around. What I would suggest is similar to what you have in mind: 1. Introduce “Over-receive Tolerance %” in P & P Setup. 2. During receive, if the Received Quantity is greater than ordered quantity, check against the above tolerance and ask for confirmation. If the user confirms the received quantity, change Ordered Quantity to Received Quantity. 3. You also need to think about the implication on invoicing. a) If you are going to have to pay for over-received quantity, you also need to increase Quantity To Invoice and/or Quantity Invoiced (depending upon when invoicing is done) b) If you receive extra quantities free-of-cost, you might find at a later date that the value of your inventory might exceed what you spent on buying them… You need to consult your accounting experts on how to handle the financial aspects of over-receiving as applicable. Hope this helps. Bhaskar Jani

Hi bnjani Where in P&P setup would you introduce the “Over-receive Tolerance%”? We are a wholesale nursery it is common place for our vendors to over ship their produce to us or to send us a subsitue without letting us know before hand. It just shows up because the vendor does not have the size we requested on the PO. As many times as we have ask them not to they still do it. Also would this work if we were using Blanket Orders to make our PO from?

Hello, 1. You can add a new field “Over-receive Tolerance” to Purchases & Payables Setup. 2. If you placed your code in proper place (during receive) this should work for any order. However, please refer to my earlier post about impact on the accounting. Regards, Bhaskar Jani

Sbanatt: I haven’t tested but I would think blanket orders would be reduced by the amount received because you’re adjusting the quantity ordered. So, in thinking about this, I plan to insert an extra line for the overreceipt. This, at least in my mind, will provide a better audit trail. Also, if the overreceipt line does not contain the Blanket PO information, the blanket PO quantity should not be effected by the overrecipt. Assuming that’s the desired effect.