PO layout design changeing


I have a customised PO reports design which layout lines in report header should be fixed for all users that view this report ,but one of users when view the reports some lines in header are changes and overlapping some fields ,Is the prtiner settings control this ?


I am also using customized PO Print report. My study till date and time with client server technology even remote access, Yes! po print layout depends on printer and its page size settings. My suggestion is better use pdf format with fix paper size. Then use that same pdf for email/print out etc.

Hi Suvarna ,

Thank you for replaying me, do i have to do anything from code or only check printer setup from control panel ?

First of all when testing RDL reports you should use not the Print Preview but Print Layout mode as it displays report the same as it will be printed. Print Preview window sometimes displays report incorrectly and not in the same way as it will be printed. Also overlapping textboxes could contain several:

· reasons of properties CanGrow and CanShrink. It should be set as FALSE, because if it set TRUE and displaying value not fits to textbox it automatically resize textbox. Also if you set to FALSE and value not fits you need manually recalculate textbox size, position and paddings.

· if in header exist some textboxes which has visibility when textboxes position sometimes automatically recalculated and could be changed. To avoid this use not hide expression for textbox, but use same hide expression in textbox value expression if it should be hided display empty value, if not display value which should be showed.

Karolis Vansevičius,

Developer at 1ClickFactory