PO - Item has more technical details


I would like to know where we can add Technical details of each line item in a PO.

Assume we have 10 items in a PO. Each item has lot of technical specs, which is almost half of an A4 size paper for each item.

I would like to print the PO in the standard way,

Item code Item Description (100 characters) Qty Unit Price Value

But I would like to add the technical specs at Footer of the PO or as an extra sheet.

Kindly tell me what is the best solution


Thomas Philipose

How do you store the specs? In database (plain text or HTML), as documents attached to items or how?

If adding as a document in document handling in AX, use the form setup of Packing slip in AR/Setup/Forms to print them by using “Include document on sheets” and “Include documents of type”

Dear Martin,

Thanks for the quick response. The information will be in plain text. Sorry, we don’t know where we can store this. I think it should be stored in the Item Master as a plain text.



Dear Lee,

Noted the point. Assume i have added a Note to an Item in the Item Master and necessary form setup is done. Now when i print the PO, will this Notes be printed along with each Line item?

In fact i don’t want to print the notes along with the Line item, because the look of the PO will be spoiled.

I need to print the Technical specs (Notes) after finishing printing of all line items

Hope it is clear