PO Invoice not showing GST tax

Hi All,

I am facing an issue in PO invoice posting GST. I have written a job that will read the PO packing slip from AX that has with GST details and will post invoice.

I am using purchformletter.update method to post invoice. The problem is invoice is getting posted but when I explore tax document in invoice journal form, the GST form is empty.

Since the logic involves insertions into _IN related tables, I have made insertions into vendInvoiceTable_IN, VenInvoiceTable_W, VendInvoiceInfoLine_IN, VendIncoiceInfoLine_W in my custom class and invoice is posted.

By default when invoice is posted, the system inserts data into invoice related tables like VendInvoiceJour_IN, _W, VendInvoiceTrans_W, _IN. But I am not sure where I am I missing a link to display GST details.

Also when debugging I found that the when tax document classes arrives, standard class has a piece of code taxdocument.componentLines(). The enumerators for component lines are empty. I’m struk in the middle and not sure what should be assigned or missing.

Any help will be appreciated.

You don’t have to, as the posting logic handles it. \Data Dictionary\Tables\VendInvoiceTrans\Methods\initFromParmLine

It is not related to IN localizatoin.

Were you able to see the tax document, when the invoice is posted manually (without using code)?