PO invoice configuration; default item vendor

1.what are the basics configurations for summery updates for PO to invoice process,

2.how to assign a default vendor for an item so that when raising new PO, if item is selected vendor should be assigned automatically

  1. Which of the options do you not understand in the summary update?

  2. You cannot create a purchase order without defining an item, but the default vendor can be defined on the released product.

  1. AP>setup>Summary update parameters. Look at the help to understand

You can assign the default vendor for the item in Release products details form. But, system picks this supplier, only when an Automatic PO is created by system(Master planning).

But, I believe, your expectation of “raising the New PO for this item should automatically select this vendor is not valid” because, Unless you select a supplier and create a PO, system can’t know for which item you are placing the order.

Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot

i got the solutions for previous doubts thanks a lot for helping me , and can u also suggest solutions for following problems

1.if some inventory is restricted or (allocated) to a project can we use it to another project
2. after invoicing a PO , how to add additional charges to the invoice
3. if customer files a penalty for late delivery , how can i do it
for example if my invoice is 1000/- and due to late delivery , customer pays only 900 and remaining 100 is my penalty
4. main implementation difference between 2009 and 2012
5.if some inventory transactions are already in system and want to convert its item model groups ( example from FIFO to LIFO )

  1. the requirement is only after invoicing is done we could able to use the products for sales not after GRN or MRN

Thanks a lot in advance
Appreciate your time and consent