PO-->SO-->Cross Dock--->RPT-->Put away

DO any body have any idea about drop shipment and cross dock… I need an illustration or a scenario to work with it … starting from Purchase order —> sales order ----> using CROSS-DOCK —> Receipt —> Put Away If any body can help it will be great. …

Hi Jouhayna. By the nature of a drop shipment the goods never hit your warehouse due to the vendor shipping direct. You will NEVER cross dock a drop shipment, because you never see them, so limiting the putting away and picking process is irrelevant. It was discussed here: http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=8049

Hi Steven , I don’t know if it’s better to go to that topic and add all my questions . IF yes just tell me . Great boss … even I was surprised … I have read all about that topic … exaclty that what I have tried to do and I failed … I will happily if you correct to me … you are telling me we that cannot have sales orders that have already dropped shipped …okay … And you suggest here to receive directy from the PO … because techincally we are not receiving it to our warehouse… I will try to apply this solution But this my second scenario that I couldn’t find any illustration to it . A scenario is giving in training material for WMS 3-16… In cronus demo: Sales order 2021 Purchase order 104012 Receipt in WMS RE000004 they are using CrossDock bin. Click on function -->calculate cross dock Qty to Cross dock will automatically be filled in 6 … How ? and from where? Is this scenario wrong …? IF not HOw they are letting this function work …? I mean fucnction button —> calcluate cross dock ? Pls give me your ideas about this cronus Scenario …? do i have to ignore it? ALSO why Navison put in this From -Receipt - Function-calculate Cross dock … I need to know That topic was great … it is really helped .

Hi Jouhayna Can you be more concise and tell me what your question is. If you are asking why cross dock, it is so you do not process picks and putaways fully, you move it to the cross dock bin as you have a sales order ready to be shipped. If you are asking this in regard to drop shipments, you will never see the goods, so it does not work. If you are asking why cross dock is here fro drop shipments it is not, it is there for purchase orders, it is the same form, just an irrelevant option for drop shipments - it simply does not make sense.

HI Jouhayna, I am able to follow this scenario up to the point of post receipt. You have the sale order or 2021, then create a purchase order of item LS-81 of 10. release that PO, go to function> create whse receipt to create a receipt. The created receipt window should pop up. On the receipt window, click functions> calculate cross dock. If you have a sales order sitting there, then the cross dock opportunities window will pop up. If you do not see that window pops up, it might be the sales order has already been shipped. Actually I am able to follow to see the cross dock opportunities window and to auto fill qty to cross dock. Even the warehouse receipt window is shown same at the training material’s screen shot. However, after I posted the receipt that item did not go to the cross dock instead they still went to receive zone on w-08-0001. And I could not ship any item from that bin. The error message tells me that Receipt must be No. I tried to transfer that item to cross dock and get the same error message. Does anyone has any ideas? Thanks, Trin

Hi Trin What version are you running - Jouhayna is on 4.0. Did you look at the putaway created from the receipt? PU000003? 6 pallets are going to W-14-0001 and this is the defined cross-dock bin for the location. From the sales order create the warehouse shipment then assocaited warehouse pick and it will tell you to pick it from the W-14-0001 bin, register the pick and post the shipment to move the goods out of the warehouse. Jouhayna to answer your questions as best I can:


Qty to Cross dock will automatically be filled in 6 … How ? and from where?

This comes from the fact you are receiving goods that are required for shipment on a sales order. Therefore rather than going through the put-away and pick process in full the system allows you to “Cross-dock” the item. Think of it as an area of goods in that is also very close to goods out! The reason it is “6” is because the purchase order is pallets - 12 pieces per pallet and the sales order requires 72 pieces, hence 6 pallets. On the created warehouse receipt there is also a "Qty Per Unit of Measure field"


Is this scenario wrong …? IF not HOw they are letting this function work …?

No the scenario is correct, it shortcuts the usually necessary warehouse procesures. They let the function work as it is acceptable procedures.


ALSO why Navison put in this From -Receipt - Function-calculate Cross dock … I need to know

It is a concept not of Navision but Warehouse Management generally - have I answered this sufficiently earlier for you?

Hi all, You don’t know how much i am happy to solve my problem. Thank you Trin for helping me to put Steven on the right path and thanks steven . Yes steven Your answers were more than enough and you are always on time … Yes Trin , Steven is right … Just go to putaway document PU000003 and register you put away … then you will see in the Bin content the Qty 6 … Hoping your probelm is solved also I am repeating my thanks for you both .

Hi all, My problem has solved too!!! I had Use Put-away Worksheet Field checked on Location card that is why I could not see that Putaway. Now everything works. Thank you Steven and Jouhayna. Trin