PO from project

Hi all,

I have one query related to Projects and purchase part:

I have raised a PO for a project. When GRN/Packing slip is done for this PO, the goods are consumed for this project automatically as this PO is raised from the project.

Now my question is that i want to raise a PO from the project but i dont want the items to be consumed to the project. Ofcourse it seems to be out of standard process, but will there be any work around or solution for this?

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Manually raise it and do not reference a project, but if you need it referenced then it needs to be consumed within the project.

Hi Pawan,

As far as I know it is not possible to realise what you would like to have … at least in the standard of Dynamics AX.



Thanks for your reply. Thanks a lot.

Hi Pawan,

I don’t think this is an option any more. But I remember a function in AX4 (or was it 3.0?) - when you received the PO you were given a message “Do you want to consume to the project immediately?” If the user selected yes, then it is like current functionality. If the user selected no, the item went to inventory and had a reservation order (Item requirement line) against the project, awaiting later consumption.

If you hunt earlier versions, you might be able to get some ideas how to adopt/develop that option or uplift it.