PO - Financial Dimensions

Hi, How can I setup the system to be able to submit a PO to a workflow with always having the correct department and/or cost center financial dimensions entered on lines? Ex: I have created a PO but i forgot to enter department and cost center on PO lines and I submit the PO , the PO is going through the workflow and is approved. However at the receiving time, the is a system error that ask for financial dimensions. At this time, we must request a change, to add those financial dimensions and the resubmit the PO again. How can we avoid that ? All ideas are welcome.

No idea on this one???

Hi Taty,

You can add a condition in workflows. I can’t verify right now if the dimensions are available in filter selections. (My test environment is not available at this moment) But depending on a query, you can reject the workflow.

Thanks Andre for your response. I 'll try with conditions and see the outcome.

It is normally not recommended you set up dimensions on transactional forms like purchase order . Financial dimensions generally are setup in masters like vendor , items in case of purchase . If your business is like you can setup there so that it automatically appears in all transactional entries.

Let me know if i understood something wrong here .

I agree with you sumit. I have few vendors and few items that will have financial dimensions such as department. However NOT ALL OF THEM as we dont have information.

So to avoid submitting a workflow WITHOUT dimension at all, I need to have some sort of setting so that User will not be able to submit a workflow without entering a dimension on the PO line.