PO corfirmation error in AX 2012 R3

Hi All,

We are getting below error while confirming Purchase orders that are converted from PRs in AX.

"The sign of the amount and quantity on the accounting distributions must match the sign on the source document line ".

It is due one of the line amount in accounting distribution on PO lines showing as negative amount(non-catalogue items).

We tried to correct the accounting distribution manually and it is working fine.

Is there any permanent solution available for this issue? We are not sure what went wrong.


Find the source prior to correction and correct the data. Your explanation is not that clear, but you know the issue, trace it back to the setup and correct the setup.

Hi Adam,

The error is coming only for some non catalogue PO’s not for all (that are being converted PO from PR).

We have to correct accounting distribution manually every time when we are getting this error. Is there any way to identify the root cause of the issue?

Look at the line cost of the non-catalogue PO’s and how this is populated before the error is raised.