PO Confirmation Email to PO Raiser as well as Vendor

I am looking to set this up AX2012 in order to send a copy of the PO confirmation email to the PO raiser as there is nothing, as far as I can see or know of, which shows external emails being generate from the system. I know the System Admin > Email Sending Status shows internal emails - to approves for example - but doesn’t show anything generated to external email addresses - PO confirmations in this case.

My idea around this was to set up, if possible, so that the PO confirmation emails are sent to the Vendor (which is currently working), the PO raiser and potentially a BCC a central inbox which will gather all PO confirmation emails - we can then run a report from Outlook on the details of these emails.

I’ve tried setting this up through Procurement and Sourcing > Setup > Forms > Form Setup > print Management but to no avail.

any help on this would be greatly appreciated.