plz throw some light on resource planning.


what is the use of resource planning? what is the 'resource ’ here? what type of planning do these resources require? can a resource be a machine or a person?

It depends on what you define as resource planning and in what content.

ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning

Here resource planning is seen in a very wide content. People, inventory/stock, machines, money and services etc are all resources, and the purpose of your ERP system is to manage all that in one system.

You can also see resource planning in a simple content, as a planning of your non monetary and physical resources. In Navision that’s what you register in the resource table. And that’s both machines and humans.


I think Rupal is referring the Nav menu option “Resource Planning” but your description covers it. One addition I would make is that resource planning can also manages resource capacities and monitor utilization

yes this is what i am exactly lookin for…plz give me some examples to put in to the navision module of resource planning… I am still not thru with it…

Ask the specific questions only.

Dont look for training in this forum.

Go through the manuals and do practic as explain in manuals , the if you have nay doubts then you can post that questions only.