Plz Explain Field Fixed and Related Field Fixed Relations?


Can somebody out there please explain to me “Field Fixed” and “Related Field Fixed” Relations. I need 2 use for my project, but i have no idea how.

I have also read the Ms Dev books and Msdn website, but it has so little info, its difficult to understand.

I will request the members to explain “Field Fixed” and “Related Field Fixed” relations to me with examples.



It’s not that hard to understand. Let me use the same theme as MSDN - Clothing.

Lets say you have ClothesTable and ClothesOrders.

ClothesTable has the following fields: ClotheId, Name and CollectionTypeId

MenClothesOrder has the following fields: OrderId, ClotheId, Qty OrderId could be a number sequence and Qty entered manually bby the user.

CollectionTypeId has the following elements:

0 - Men

1 - Women

2 - Children

Example 1: Related Fixed Field

On MenClothesOrder we create a new relation to ClothesTable and specify the follwing two:

  1. Normal = ClotheId to ClotheId (Best practice to specify this on the EDT) and

  2. Related Fixed Field 0 = ClothesTable.CollecTionTypeId.

This shows that the lookup to the clothes table should show only clothes with the same ClotheId (point 1) AND clothes that are of type Men (point 2) because the our table deals with order for mens’ clothes. We use 0 because Menis element 0 in the Enum.

Example 2: Fixed Field

This kinda works the other way round:

Imagine you have a ClothesOrders table (generic) and you have seperate tables for MenClothesTable, WomenClothesTable and ChildrenClothesTable. Fixed field says that the specified normal relation (on ClotheId) to MenClothesTable only works if the CollectionTypeId of the current record is set to 0 (Men) else the relation is disabled.

If you need furhter clarification do not hesitate to ask