Pls Give Examples for below Questions

  1. Develop a Run base batch class using Run base batch framework to delete past one-week data from table.
  2. Create a Unit test case project to test developed business logic like Class methods.
  3. Enable Date effective framework for tables.
  4. Develop a Computed column views.
  5. Connect external database from X++ code to read data.
  6. Develop dynamic queries using X++ code.
  7. Insert or Read data through Collection Classes.

Please tell us the AX version?Do all the questions related to same version?
What kind of examples are you looking for? Do you want to know how and where they have been used in standard code?

Have you tried to look at the documentation in MSDN/technet?

Example - computed column -

Hi Kranthi…,
Thank You for your Reply…,

AX Version 2012…,
I need Sample X++ Code Program…,

Most of them would be found in MSDN. Let us know if you cannot find specific example.
If possible, try to use sysOperation framework (…/gg862488.aspx) than run base batch.