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I have the following question:

if i receive an item in three packing slips and i create one invoice for each packing slip , then i add misc. charges adjustment to the invoices how axapta calcultaes the item cost , in average or it will have cost in each invoice???


Misc. charges adjustment will be done for particular invoice and not for all the invoices - and the item cost will be adjusted to that extent.(means for the items in the invoice to which you are making an adjustment).

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Dear Kranthi :

I have another question , is the cost of item in each invoice is considered as separate costing layer , for example , if I sell quantity from the first packing slip invoice the cost of good sold in this sales order will differ from the cost of good sold in another sales order from the second packing slip invoice??


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This post does not have a title telling user what the issue is, so many people will not look at it. The question you had was then answered and then you added a new question at the bottom meaning people will not read it. To improve your chances of getting a response mark the solution in this thread then create a new post with a title that is meaningful. Then you “may” get an answer,.

Ok AdamRoue, Thanks for advice