Please help me.

I am a total new player of Navision. Our company uses 3.7 SQL server version Navision and it runs well now. I check our server there is only Navision Database Server intalled there. Why no Application Server there? Maybe it is not visible after installation?[:I] Who could give me some basic introduction of Navision? Such as, 1. what kinds of components have to install? Cliend, database server, application server, codbc… 2. How to check what kind of license we bought? For example, if I want to know whether I can create some codeunit, what license I need? 3. Could you recommend some document or website which may help me? Thanks a lot.

    1. For simple installations only Database Server and Client have to be installed on Server and Workstation machines respectively. C/ODBC is the ODBC driver for the Native Navision Database and is therefore not needed on your case where an SQL Server database is used. Application Server is a special Navision Client (one without a GUI) which is used for automating tasks and performing actions without user intervention.
    1. From inside the Navision Client, you can use the Tools menu, License option to quickly check the current License. You should also have received a text file detailing which granules you have licensed. The Solution Developer and Application Builder granules are the ones that unlock pretty much the whole development environment, but they’re still limited to the range of Objects you bought access to.
    1. Try reading the PDF-Manuals included in the Product-CD, they’re somewhat light but will make for a more informed start. As for Web Sites, go no further! This is the best! [:D]

Nelson, Thank you very much. You gave me the answer of all my questions.