Please help me in Solving one User Portal Problem

hi to all, I have made one activity center called Jobs in user portal and there are various links for this activity center like Edit Job,Create Job, Delete Job etc… in the local navigation area… There is one link called View in Report Foarmat ,By clicking this link user can see the related report …i have made all the webpart handlers , registered it with InstallDashboards.js and finished all the required steps to get this working but when I am clicking this link one error is fired The error is Dashboard Error (404) Resource Not Found Source: store.vbs Can anyone tell me the reason or can anyone solve this particular problem?

Try toggling the friendly error messages error setting in Internet Explorer to get a more detailed error message. Can you see your new webpart folder within your c:\inetpub\wwwrott\Dashboards\Forms folder? Did installdashboards.jr return any errors? What version of IE is the IIS machine running? Django

Hi,Kashyap_thaker and DjangMan. We’ve installed User Portal, we’ve done all the same. But when we run standard role-centers (which were not made by us), we can see nothing instead of pictures promised to be shown. Do you have any idea why is it so?