Please Help me in solving Error


Following link I have used to create an Service in Ax and then running in Visual Studio 2010. I have followed all the steps mentioned in the below link.

On clicking on button in Vs 2010, I am getting error as “A call to SSPI failed, see inner exception”. This is an error for configuration but I am not able to understand where I am going wrong. I have done exactly same as the above mentiond link code has.

Pls can any one help me to solve this error. If you need i can send you the code written by me. and also the config file code. If required pls let me know. Thanks in advance. Pls help me


Please be so kind and look at the inner exception first. You also haven’t wrote what exact call throws the error.

Hello Martin,

Well i was getting A call to sspi failed error, I then found that as My pc is not able to connect to the domain i.e the server that is the reason I am not able to use the service which I have made in VS.

I am new in Ax and what way to find the inner exception I dont know but If you want the line where I am getting error then I can let you know.

Keys= client.create(callContext,SalesOrder);

this is the line where i am getting error. I doubt is it because i am not able to connect to domain server so i am having this error or is it some where i am making mistake. Pls help me . Thanks a lot for ur help.


When an exception is thrown, Visual Studio shows the dialog “xxxException was unhandled” and you can click “View details…” to see its data, including the inner exception. Or if you have the exception in a variable (in a catch clause), you can use it as any other variable (“Locals” in debugger, tooltip etc.).

If you can’t connect to the domain server, it seems to be clear why authentication fails.