Please Help Me For The System Text File

I have translated Navision Attain 3.01 Version’s Fin.stx(System Text File) File in the Navision Localization Workbench Then I Ýnstalled the Navision Attain3.01 Version With New Fin.sxt But NOT WORKING All the Time This Error: “There Ýs a Checksum error in the Fin.stx File.The File Has been Changed Or Corruped since it Was Ýnstalled” Please Help Me This Problem Thank you For Help

You caqnnot translate the file. Only Navision Offices can seal the file after translation.

Dear lstroem Thank You For Answer I am working Navision solution Center I have translations Licence, I was Transleted Client ,ETX File that is Working … But Now I Finished the Translate Fin.stx then Generate file but always Eror . Please Can you Help Me? Thank You

Hi, as Lars says… you need a special compiler to create to correct, working fin.stx file and only Navision HQ and the NTRs have this compiler… it has nothing to do with your licence. You might need to convice your NTR to do this for you… Saludos Nils