Please enter 'yes' in ship and /or invoice and /or receive

Hi, i am using navision 5, please i need your assistant. i entered an invoice for a customer, i select the inventory item, quantity, price. i selected ‘test posting’ there was no problem. but when i selected Post it brought this error message 'Please enter “Yes” in Ship and /or Invoice and / or Receive. when i look through the invoice line there is no where to enter the ‘yes’ and i have checked the program i could not see any. Please Sir, what do i do?

Is this a modifity database? Can you post a pic of the error message using print screen?

The problem doe not happen in purchase invoice, it is only peculiar to customer invoice. the diff i noticed between the two is that in customer invoice line i have GBPG,GPPG and VATPPG included while the purchase invoice only contain the default> type,no,description,location,qty,unit measure etc. thanks

Well, if it has been modified then you need to contact the person that did the change for you. Have them check and fix their code.

The person that modified the software is no where to be found, i think he traveled out, Sir, do you have any recommendation on how i can fix the codes, bc i have experience in databases.

A guess for possible cause:

It’s not in Line(s), it’s in the Post dialog - three options

Ship & Invoice,

one MUST be selected, and by default the last option is. If NOTHING is selected, you will get such message, but there are two issues making me doubtful:

these are present only in ORDERS, but you speak about INVOICES;
upon now I thought it is programmaticaly impossible to have no option selected at all.

Thank you sir,

Yes, it is when you select ‘Post’ that the message appears. i think the person that customise the package remove SALES ORDERS, there is nothing like sales order i have checked. the only option there is ‘SALES INVOICE’ that is what i selected and posted then the dialogue box appeared.

To be clear about our confusion is…

You talk about sales invoices, which in general never need a SHIP or RECIEVE option. When I see RECEIVE I think Purchase orders not sales invoices.

Can we assume this system has been working in the past?
You then have to figure out what has changed from when it worked until today.
Unless you never had to do a sales invoice before.

I’d ask you to run the debugger to see where it stops but first lets be clear on:

  1. where you are in the system when you get this error
    2)Are you just selecting POST? - What happens if you select POST & Print?
    3)Are your Purchase Orders working ok?

I’m just starting with the 100’s of questions so, I would get your nav partner or hire a nav developer to take a look at your system.

what i have from the main menu is

Revenue to Revenue INVOICE. i did not see SALES ORDER in the system. i did not know how it disappeared from the menu.

1.i selected POST after filling the invoice line and the error displayed

2.i have not tried POST & PRINT.

3.the PURCHASE ORDERS &PURCHASE INVOICE is working very well


Which Navision localization do you use? Or is it W1 (worldwide) with some customizations?

i think it is NAVISION 5 W1

What options you gor after pressing Post?

Can you show us the screenshot?

Not sure what everyone else is talking about, but this has been standard in Navision as long as I can remember, I am fairly certain that it goes back to the DOS version.

In the sales header there are two fields, Ship and Invoice, both boolean. When you post any sales doc (order, invoice credit etc) these fields are tested that at least one is selected. They are for two purposes, one to help differentiate between orders and invoices, and also to confirm what you actually are posting if its an order.

These fields are set prior to posting in one of the posting helper routines.

It seems there is some code modification that is not selecting these fields correctly. You could try going into the table designer and ticking both these on the sales header table and see if it posts that way.

Anyway definitely I have seen this error before, its not common, but its not unheard of.

this is the code in CU80 by the way

IF NOT (Ship OR Invoice OR Receive) THEN

thanks, i have some screen shots i want to upload to u, i cannot do it here, how do i make them availabe to u. thanks

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