Platform Update rollup 956161 is available for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1

Just in case you haven’t seen it. MS has released a new update to NAV 5.0 SP1. To me it looks like everybody should get this update ASAP. There are many platform (exe file based) updates included in this update. Some of them which seams to me like very serious:

  • When you run the Cut function and then the Paste function between two Microsoft Dynamics NAV tables, Microsoft Dynamics NAV unexpectedly deletes the data before the data is pasted successfully.
  • When you export a number to an Excel worksheet, the number is formatted as text instead of as a number. Therefore, Microsoft Dynamics NAV does not consider the regional thousand separator as expected.

The only problem is that Microsoft refers to the NAV 5.0 SP1 page on their partner source website, where it should be possible to download the update. Sad to say that it is not available from this page yet.

The above update was announced on August 15th, 2008. Do any of you know where/when it will be available for download?

I think it is already available but you have to do a service request here


To resolve these problems immediately get he update, visit the following Microsoft Web site and make a request to obtain this platform update rollup:


I requested the KB 956161 Hotfix, which claims to to be “Global”. Once I had extracted it using the Password. I had the file NAV50-SP1-KB956161-CH.ZIP.

When I run the Setup (Platform Update for Microsoft Dynamics NAV CH 5.0 SP1 (KB956161).exe) on a PC installed with NAV5.00 SP1 (Build 26084), I get an error message “The Upgrade patch cannot be installed by Windows Installer Service, because… Verify that the Program to be updated exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch.”

Is this patch really inteded for NAV 5.00 SP1 W1? I would have lioke to see “W1” instead of “CH”

Any Ideas on how to get this Rollup done (for especially W1)?

Theo Stock