Does anybody have skills, how to make a project planning in Navision Attain. I need a help due to one lead. Please, help me.

It all depends on what kind of projects we are talking about, but basically, I have come to find that minor changes on the Jobs, and Resources modules would give you a nice project planning tool. At least for the 2 clients I did it for, it worked fine. My response would me comprehensive, with more detail offcause.

We built a specific add-on for this purpose, minor changes on projects is surely not enough. Think about projectcalculations, commercial budgets, quotes, technical budgets, projectplanning of resources and resourcegroups, etc. etc… Navision projects is nice for internal projects, external projects can’t be automated in a good way.

Indeed external projects can get complex, but surely the Jobs, and resources can be a starting point… and offcause, it will depend on the complexity of the requirements… Sometimes you will get a client whose requirements are not so broad, you could touch up the jobs, and resources modules… And in cases when you get broad, and complex requiremnts, I guess it would be easier and safer to develop something outside these modules. Just out of curiosity… how many tables did you have to use for the add-on you created?