Planning Worksheets not netting inventory

Inventory does not seem to be recognized on an Item when running Calculate Regenerative Plan from a Planning Worksheet. This testing has been done in Cronus in the v3.70 demo. A purchase item, with 5 in inventory, has been added as a component with a quantity of 20 to a Prod. Order. The system is creating a New message for 20. I would expect the quantity to be 15. Both the Prod. Order Line item and the component item are low-level code 0 with no BOM. Warehouse Management is not being used.

Hi Brian Is the demand for the item on the same location as the stock? Is the reordering policy of the item M-T-O? Any order multiples set?

If M-T-S, is calc with inventory on ?

I don’t understand the influence of M-T-O or M-T-S since it is a purchased item. But, I tried changing it with no effect. Steven, I did have a hodge podge of locations at the order/component level and in inventory that have been set to the same. The Reorder Policy is Lot-for-Lot with Min. 1 Max. 1,000,000 Mult. 1 I still have the problem and may have to start with fresh data that does not have a such a convoluted trail. This is a test to see how the manufacturing module could be used at our site. Nav Nav, What and where is the switch calc with inventory on? Thanks showing me where to look, Brian

Hi Brian The reordering policy of MTS or MTO is irrelevant to purchasing or manufacturing - the setting will affect ALL items. In 3.70 this has altered with the greying out of fields depending upon the reordering policy chosen. I do not have Navision in front of me currently but will check 3.70 tomorrow on lot-for-lot, and where the calculate with inventory flag is (although it may have disappeared) as they have altered this section in 3.70. However - rest assured, if you have five in stock, and require 20, it WILL tell you to order 15 if the system is configured correctly. Your set-up seems very simple, but perhaps a little confusing the way it is written. I believe the following: You are making an item - you have edited the components listing of the production order and added the component for a quantity of 20. You have 5 in stock. You run regen and it tells you to order 20, not 15. Am I missing anything? [:D]

Steven, Your understanding is correct. I am testing out the netting of an “Order Bill” by adding components to a Prod. Order line for an item that is planned without a BOM and therefore no components. I am creating an independent requirement for the assembeled item by creating a Sales Order for it. I know this sounds wacky, but it is a possible idea for a unique situation. Here, electrical control panels for manufacturing assembly lines are built. It is a one level bill for the make item with all purchase parts going in. The planning problem is the severly compressed lead time. Long lead purchase items are ordered before the final design is complete. Also, new components are frequently added during manufacturing. As a result the BOM is very dynamic until the finish of the product. So, it is not possible to release an order against a fixed BOM. I am trying to see whether I can use the “Order Bill” of a Prod. Order to plan inventory and purchasing by adding components on the fly as needed. I was concerned about all the of the items, MPS make and buy components, being planned with a low level code of zero. But, it seems that it will work.

The calculated with inventory is now on the item card.

Hi Brian Your only issue with the method is the one you always have - the dificulty of planning with the fluidity of the build. As nav nav states the include inventory is on the item card below the reordering policy - is this ticked?


Include Inventory Field A check mark in this field indicates that the program, when calculating the need for replenishment orders, will include inventory in the projected available balance. The field contains a check mark as a default setting and is also non-editable, since it is normal practice to use inventory to fulfill outstanding requirements. The only exception is if you select the reordering policy Lot-for-Lot. The field will still contain a check mark as a default setting, however it will be editable.

I will try and get around to testing your process later.

Hi Brian I have run this through and get a requirement of 15. If you are setup correctly there is probably one thing you missed. When you add a component to the production order the production order maybe on the correct location, but the added component will, as default, be set at a blank location. The location field is hidden on the components screen, so unhide it and set it to the location of the production order (or where your inventory is). If this, or any of the previous settings, have not resolved your issue I will detail my settings and process out to get the requirement of 15 generated.

There were two problems with my setup that were causing the problem. The components of the Prod. Order were specified with the wrong location. Also, include inventory was not ticked on the item card. With these two corrections, the netting is now correct. In my previous Aerospace experience, there has been a fairly accurate BOM to plan against. Of course, components were added to orders on the fly, but the BOM was still used for long lead planning. This is my first exposure to starting the mfg. planning of complex custom parts with no BOM. Working with no BOM at all was a step outside of the box for me, and it took a hard day of thinking to realize that it needed to be done this way. Thanks for getting me unstuck, Brian [:D]

Be aware that in 3.60 this Calculate using Inventory field does not work correctly. When simply using the Min/Max process with the field turned on and reordering up to the Max set, the system will not make a recommended reorder quantity that takes into effect the available inventory. For example, the system has the following: 50 on hand 20 on sales order 10 on purchase order Reorder Point set to 75 Max inventory set to 100 The system acutally calculates a recommended reorder qty of 100. Technically the system should recommend 60. This is a known issue for MBS and is not currently being addressed. We had to create our own workaround on it.