Planning Worksheet Re-Suggesting Production Forecasts

Deployed NAV 4SP2 Database with a 4SP3 client.

I am running the Regenerative Plan daily at the end of each day for me to look at the next day. I am getting a suggestion from the Planning Worksheet to cancel Released Production Orders that fulfill my Production Forecast, and then immediately create new Production Orders for the exact same Forecast that it suggested I cancel.

Shouldn’t the Planning Engine take into account that the existing Released Production Orders already fulfill the Forecast and disregard it if there are no changes to the Forecast?

If I set the Planning Flexibility to NONE on the output line of the Released Production Orders, the planning worksheet totally disregards the Released Production Orders and re-suggests NEW Production Orders.

Is my logic correct that this should not happen or is there a real need for this “feature”? Has anyone experienced this before and determined if it is logically correct, or fixed this?

There is a hotfix ID 907809 on partnersource that I thought would have solved it because the summary covered exactly what is happening, but the fix was for 4SP1 databases, so the hotfix was already in my database.

This would imply that your demand does not meet your supply. Set the planning flexibility to unlimited, you will then get an action message telling you what to do and illustrating the difference - by setting it to none it is ignored as an action message, and because it cannot match the demand it creates a new one. Logic is fine and used where production cannot be moved and becomes fixed, there are numerous discussions on the forum regarding it from memory.