Planning Worksheet - Calculate Plan - Plan Wksh.

I have a customer who is working on Planning items. He is using manufacturing → Planning worksheet. The Navision is 4.0 sp1.

The item for which he is running the plan has Inventory equal to 300 and has the ‘Qty. On Sales Order’ equal to 500. Now he inserts this item in planning worksheet and calculates with running batch job ‘Calculate Plan - Plan Wksh.’. The result in Quantity field of Planning worksheet results in 500. He told me it should be 200. But i didnt understand why it should be 200? and why it s 500? How the Quantity field on the Planning worksheet is calculated?

The Action message is ‘New’

Please explain.

The customer thinks it should be 200 because he needs 500 and already has 300, so he needs to plan replenishing for 300. Navision thinks it should be 500, because something in the planning settings is telling it to not consider inventory.

Check the locations of the demand, where are the 300, where are the 500 required?

Quantity field is based upon lots of parameters depending upon teh setup, what is the reordering policy and replenishment, the reorder point, any order multiples or reorder quantities, lots of settings!