Planning Warning

Hi, Can somebody try to explain me the use of the Planning Warning field ? My feeling is that it is supposed to give a warning when a SO<=>PO is out of balance. For example when the PO qty is reduced or when the PO ois postponed ? Is that correct ? when you create a SO and there is no inventory for the item you always get an out of stock warning, even it that field is toggled of. SO I guess the out of stock warning is a seperate default functionality ? Any better explanations ? Thanks, Gunther

Hi Gunther The Planning Warning flag is designed to highlight sales order alterations which cannot be met by the production lead time, i.e. the manufacturing lead time is greater than the order date to promised delivery date when there is insufficient stock. Or any other subsequent changes that affect teh sales order - production order relationship. This relates to the order tracking question you posed earlier (I think! [;)]) The stock out warning tells you that you do not have stock to cover the order, and does not care about anything date related, i.e. a customer may want an item in 30 days and you have no stock, but it only takes 1 day to make or get the goods, but you will still get the stock out warning.

Thanks Steven, I think you should be writing the manuals ! Your answers seem to be a little bit more down to earth than the ones you find in the training and/or help files.

We have a client who is a manufacturing outfit. They have a model wherein they outsource 90% of their manufacturing process ( i.e finished products ), the spares are normally given by the client to their outsourcing vendors. The client out of their line of 20 products, manufactures only 1 product inhouse. Will navision attain be a good choice as an erp to handle their business process for Purchase, Sales, Store, Mfg, Warehousing and Accounts/finance. My understanding is that the subcontracting section of MS Nav. Attain is not a very explicit module. Please throw some light on the same, as the client doesn’t have very high budgets for their Buss. Solution.