Planning on Multiproduct/Multilocational set up

Navision does handle planning at multiple locations with/without SKUs’. The imp. thing I would like to know is,Has anybody tried to assign priorities within locations to be considered while calculating a regenerative plan? Navision does plan for components at a different location if specified but Is it able to divide the demand between a no. of locations as per capacity utilisation/contraints as per given priorities/Rules? Is some development required for this? Regards, Dharmendra Desai

Hi I have not gone any work in this area but my guess would be you would need to do developmet work. Simply the demand on a location will create a replenishment on the location - whilst locations are within the same company no rules exist linking them (unless you set up replenishments from one location to another and then that original locaiton does not manufacture anyway, so it will not answer your question anyway). You need to have a set of rules that specify the relationships between the locations, for example if we have locations A,B and C we need to initially check the capacity at A then if over capacity check the capacity at an alternative usable locaiton, for example B does not have the same macjhinery so cannot make the product, so we have to check the capacity at C, if capcity exists, lod the replenishment on C and then peg it so yo uknow the demand came from A and the details of the demand. I am sure you will have fun doing this [:D]

Thanx Steven, Though I’m not a developer but do hv an idea that it’s going to be fun. The need here is: Locationwise distribution of net requirements is going to be dependent upon a no. of parameters.Some of which might not even be available with Attain.It will not be just capacities. Can be transportation limitations, Diffrenece in regional taxes etc. Any way, Thanks for guidance. Regards, Dharmendra Desai