Planning Lines in NAV 2013

We are having an issue with System-generated Planning Lines in NAV 2013. If usage is entered at higher than the original planning line, either through purchase orders or job journal, the system creates a Scheduled Planning Lines for the difference.

Sorry, wasn’t finished. We don’t have the Usage Link set and we don’t want the additional amounts added to the Planning Lines. All these entries are Items and show in the database as Material in Task 01 (Materials) so it’s going to the right place BUT in the Job Statistics, the qty and amount is showing up in the Labor Hours and Labor $s.

Hi BKWestly,

What kind of “system generated planning lines” are you talking about? How are they generated?

My understanding is that this should only be happening if you click on Apply Usage Link, but it is happening for us. If you order and receive more on a PO than is on the planning line, it correctly puts the full amount on the planning line BUT then automatically adds another planning line for the difference.