Planning Functionality White Paper 3.70

David Singleton has kindly uploaded the paper so it can be downloaded by clicking on [:D] Hello everyone We had a link on reorder points earlier this year that resulted in a White Paper discussion. I now have my hands on the following: “Technical White Paper” - “Planning Functionality Navision 3.70” If anyone would like a copy post your email address below and I will send you one. The overview states:


This technical white paper describes how Navision Attain’s supply planning works. The document is intended for Navision Attain supply chain professionals supporting the product or implementation at customer sites. The reader will gain knowledge about: § Understanding the results of the planning. § The impact of the planning parameters. § How to adjust the algorithms to meet specific customer needs.

I have also been told that it is the same planning engine as version 3.60. The changes reflected in the white paper are Item Card fields which have changed in version 3.70. The document is 1638KB in size - if you want it zipped let me know! [:D] Okay I will also keep a running record of who I sent it to to ensure I don’t forget anyone - if your name is not below I have not sent it! 1. Ally 2. Patick 3. Uwe 4. Connull 5. Frank 6. Scott 7. Willy 8. David 9. Rosine 10. Pelle 11. Marko 12. Prashanth 13. Vescovo (Marco) 14. Dharmendra 15. Kim 16. Yvonne 17. Sven 18. Bruno 19. David 20. Benjamin 21. Owen 22. wws 23. Vinay 24. Elena 25. Margie 26. Padmanabha 27. Steve m 28. Ryo 29. Craig 30. Gunther 31. Grace 32. Fokin (Alex) 33. Rick 34. Valentin 35. David 36. Nils 37. Darki 38. Jyothi 39. Kumar 40. Kashinath 41. Hans 42. Sridhar 43. Arthur 44. Tony 45. Cathy 46. John 47. Andrew 48. Rohith 49. Scott 50. Klaus 51. Markus

Hi Steven, Can I please have a copy of that document, zipped? Thanks…my e-mail is

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Hi Steven, May I get a copy. My email address is

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Hi Steven, Can I please have a copy of that document? Thanks…my e-mail is

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