Planning for specific period

Hi all,

In master planning how do i define demand should be considered for a specific period (may be for a month or an quarter) while running master scheduling.

Note - Demand is through sales order and no forecast is used.


You do not define it through the run, it is driven by the coverage period and any other time fences defined on the items coverage group and potentially over-written on the item coverage settings.


But if there is a on dec and jan for items when i run master schedule by today (assume today is 1st jan) planning for januvary month, AX has to consider only jan month sales order for planning. So what should be my coverage plan?


The item would be setup with a coverage period of 30 days.

Meaning coverage code = period, coverage period = 30 days?, So master scheduling will take open orders from today to next 30 days to plan the demand?

“Demand” for the next 30 days yes.