Planning for Fixed Production Order Quantity

Hi All,

Using version 4.0 SP3

I have a scenario where Production Orders for all Finished Goods are released to shopflor in a fixed Order quantity.
Eg. If Total Sales Order Quantity is 1234 nos. from all different sales Orders and fixed production order qty. is 100 than, 11 production orders with Order qty. as 100 nos. each and last 12th order with quantity 34 is released to the shop floor.

I tried mapping this with the following set ups.
Manufacturing Policy : Make to Order
Ordering Policy : Lot for Lot
Order Multiple : 200

However, this does not work and Planning worksheet always creates a single line for Order qty. as 1134 only.

I tried with other set ups like Ordering Policy: Maximum Inventory and Maximum Order quantity as 100.

Can anybody suggest any other set up? Any known Bug in the set up?

Best Regards,


Best Regards,