Planning engine & Set Limit on Stocks on hand

Dear All,

For a manufacturing company, I have set up a component item (i.e. raw material) with the following parameters (let’s say item Test 1/ NAV 2009).

Reordering Policy: Max. Qty. / Reorder Point: 10 units/ Min. Order Qty: 25 units/ Reorder Cycle: 1 month/ Maximum inventory: no value set/ Include inventory is selected.

Due to the nature of the industry, my client needs to have a certain qty. of stock on hand, even if there is no demand (neither dependent nor independent). The current level of inventory on hand is Zero. OK, I run the Planning Engine to stock up to the Reorder Point, which is 10 units. The result of the Planning Run is 25 units, due to the value set in the Min. Order Qty. Field. OK, I “buy” (receipt+invoice") item Test 1. So now my inventory has increased to 25 units, which is exactly what I wanted to do.

I then re-run the Planning Worksheet (neither consumption, nor demand occur in the meantime), and the Planning Engine suggests a new PO for 25 units, which is unnecessary surplus. This way, I am stocking up item Test 1 with no control. I thought that values set in either in 1) the Reorder Cycle field or in 2) Maximum Inventory field stop me from overstocking.

The Planning Engine works against business rationale, because I cannot expect my client to spot every single suggestion leading to overstocking and delete the respective lines from the Planning Worksheet manually. I am talking about thousands of items, and it is literally impossible to take out these suggestions from the P. Worksheet.

Does anyone know any automation against overstocking? (I noted the same behavior for each Reordering Policy).

Thanks for any help.