Planning BOMs

I have set up planning BOMs in AX 2012 R1, but the forecasts blowing through consume the stock on hand even when they are months in the future. Why is the system behaving like this?

Because the items and plan settings are configured with time fences into the future - in essence you set it up to do it this way [:D]

Thanks for the reply.

So, in order to have 12 months of forecast for a planning item and drive a valid procurement plan for the items on the planning BOM without consuming stock on hand, what horizons, fences and parameters do I need on the plan and the items?

Firstly look at the forecast plan time fences in the setup

Then look at the time fences on the master plan for the forecast. Also check if you are over riding coverage groups with the plan

Then look at the created coverage groups and your time fences there - explosion and coverage being the important two, but frankly all impact.

Then validate that these time fences are not over written at an item level.